The National Turner Syndrome Camp, Inc.  is  a non-profit  501(c)(3) organization dedicated to  enabling teens and young women (12-19 years) with Turner Syndrome to gain confidence and realize their potential . The camp provides a fun-filled experience and a safe  community that facilitates long-term friendships, exploration of the arts, and healthy living. 

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The National Turner Syndrome Camp

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Introduced nationwide in 1994

July 28-August 3, 2016

Mount Saint Mary’s University

In the Santa Monica Mountains

12001 Chalon Road,

Los Angeles, CA 90049

Program Highlights

Theater workshops

As a valuable tool for expressing feelings and promoting empathy the camp will feature a specially designed program around theater created by Debra De Liso*,  an actor and University of Southern California instructor.  Debra is well known to camp alumni, having taught at our camp from 2007-2012.  She will offer classes in improvisation and theater games, musical theater, clowning and mask work, and dance.  Her sessions are appropriate for teens and young women who have varying exposure and experience in drama and/or music. A culminating performance of the work done in classes will be presented by the campers.

 *Debra De Liso is a theater and dance artist with over thirty years of critically acclaimed work as an actor, director, choreographer, dancer, and writer

Organized rap sessions 

Our counselors many of whom are young adult professionals with Turner Syndrome, will facilitate small group sessions and share their personal stories of growing up and succeeding despite the obstacles. Sensitive issues such as grades, dating, teasing and the inability to find real friends are explored. Campus grottoes provide an ideal setting. Self-esteem increases as the teens receive support and positive regard from peers and role models. “If you have the approval of someone you don’t need the approval of everyone.”  (Thomas Lickona)

Museum and theater visits

Los Angeles has world- class cultural attractions. Our program will include visits to art museums and evening excursions to 1-2 plays to introduce new experiences that increase aesthetic awareness, inspire creativity and stimulate curiosity and participation in the arts. “When I examine myself and my method of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing knowledge.” (Albert Einstein)

Swimming, hiking and healthy eating

Even a moderate walk counts as exercise. Our campus sits atop the Santa Monica mountains and has hiking trails with 360 degree views of Los Angeles. The goal of our early morning hikes as well as exercises led by a qualified coach provide examples of healthy living to be followed at home. In addition, the teens will have access to an outdoor pool and the schedule will include both supervised free swim and water aerobics classes. A registered dietitian will give a one-hour presentation about good nutrition and will answer questions.

Supervised medication

Registered nurses specialized in endocrinology will supervise the daily administration of GH injections and oral medications and provide teaching to help teens to acquire self-reliance in managing their condition.

Salon Day

Individual consultations at the Vidal Sassoon Academy will include hairstyling and make-up. The participants learn techniques to enhance assets and compensate for problem features to improve confidence and body image.

Presentation by Mitchell E. Geffner, M.D.

               Professor of Pediatrics, University of Southern California, Division Chief of the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Through a lively evening in a question and answer format, the participants improve their understanding of the cause of their condition, the growth-related therapies, induction of sexual development and the prospects or lack of fertility.

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Beverly Daley, Ph.D.    



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 “Cooking Class 2015.  Apron reads “Sisters Under The Skin”


 “Salon Day 2012. Vidal Sassoon Academy”

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